Polypropylene: Durable Plastic for Daily Use

Polypropylene, often shortened to PP, is a reliable and durable plastic derived from propylene, a chemical from oil processing. It is tough against chemicals, heat, and fatigue, making it a top choice for creating packaging used every day and in industry. Why Polypropylene is Perfect for Making Trigger Sprayers, Lotion Pumps, Cosmetic Pumps, and Bottle Caps?

Various Cap Liners are Available

Cap liners are integral components in product packaging, ensuring many products’ safety, freshness, and integrity. From food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, these liners offer a tight seal, preventing potential leaks, contamination, and tampering. NABO Plastic provides a variety of cap liners for our plastic caps, including: 1. PE Foam Cap Liners Definition: PE foam cap liners, …

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How to Request Free Samples?

Free Samples: Try Before You Bulk Buy We are pleased to offer free samples for your review before you purchase bulk. If the quality of the samples you approved does not match the order you placed, we guarantee a refund. Here are three ways to request free samples from us: 1. Fill out a form on our website …

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How to measure cap size & bottle neck finish?

Both bottle neck finish and cap size follow and use a uniform standard and convention to describe their screw thread sizes and styles. This standard was developed by the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) and the Plastics Industry Association (SPI). Understand Two Numbers: The screw thread sizes and styles are usually represented by two numbers: The two pictures above …

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Welcome to NABO Plastic

We are pleased that our new website, “NABO Plastic,” was completed in 2021.  NABO Plastic has been a professional Plastic Sprayers, Pumps, Caps, and Bottles manufacturer for over 10 years. We are committed to providing plastic packaging solutions for the Cosmetics & Daily Chemicals industries. Our goal is to be a committed partner and advisor to our customers. …

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