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Our Operations

Welcome to NABO Plastic, your premier destination for wholesale plastic packaging. With over ten years of experience, we’re a top-tier manufacturer specializing in providing various packaging solutions for multiple markets.

Our product line is broad and diverse, featuring over 1000 specific items. Our offerings span a variety of products like Trigger Sprayers, Fine Mist Sprayers, Lotion Pumps, Cream Pumps, Foam Pumps, and Bottle Caps. We’re constantly innovating and enhancing our product selection to stay in tune with the evolving market demands.

Equipped with several fully automated production lines, our facility houses over 60 brand injection machines complemented with robotic arms and advanced automatic feeding systems. With an assembly of over 100 devices, we are poised to meet the demands of large-scale orders swiftly and efficiently. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our injection molds which are meticulously crafted to deliver optimal benefits to our customers.

In addition to our comprehensive range of packaging solutions, we also offer a variety of plastic cosmetic bottles, including PET, PETG, HDPE, LDPE, and PP materials, further enhancing our portfolio’s diversity and versatility.

Every business has unique needs, so we offer highly customized services encompassing product appearance design, structure design, mold development, and color customization. Our dedicated technical team is always on standby to assist with concerns or issues, providing unrivaled customer support.

At NABO Plastic, we operate under the philosophy that quality drives production and service fuels growth. Our mission goes beyond selling products; we strive to be your loyal partner and advisor in navigating the complexities of packaging solutions. As we continue to advance, we eagerly anticipate growing and shaping a successful future alongside our customers.


Operating for over 20 years


Over 300 sets of processing equipment


More than 1000 kinds of products

Injection Molding Workshop

Our Injection Molding Workshop houses over 60 sets of brand-name injection molding machines. Each machine is outfitted with a robotic arm and an advanced material feeding system. This promotes precision and efficiency as we transform raw materials into high-quality plastic components.

Mold Processing & Maintenance

Our injection mold processing and maintenance practices ensure the longevity and precision of our molds. Regular inspections, cleaning, and timely repairs help maintain optimal product quality and reduce downtime, guaranteeing consistent product excellence.

Assembly Workshop

Our Assembly Workshop is the hub of our production operations, boasting over 100 sets of assembly machines. This advanced equipment enables us to efficiently piece together components, ensuring our high-quality products’ timely production and rapid delivery for customers’ large-scale orders.

Quality Inspection

Our Quality Control department strictly manages product quality, encompassing appearance inspection, compatibility testing, and seal integrity testing. We assure you that the quality of the products delivered to our customers matches that of the samples sent to them, offering an unconditional refund should there be any discrepancy.

Packing & Warehousing

Our Packing & Warehousing team expertly prepares and stores products for shipment, ensuring quality preservation and timely dispatch. We commit to excellence from production through to delivery.


Our product shipment process is marked by efficiency and punctuality. We employ trusted couriers and reliable shipping methods to ensure our products safe, prompt delivery to our customers.