Cosmetic Treatment Pumps

Treatment pumps are a must-have in the cosmetic world, used for everything from makeup and hand cream to moisturizers and liquid foundations. They make applying beauty products easy and precise, keeping things clean and hygienic.

At NABO Plastic, we offer a wide variety of these pumps. You’ll find sizes like 18mm (18-410, 18-415), 20mm (20-410, 20-415), and 24mm (24-410), perfect for all kinds of bottles, big or small. Our colors range from simple white and black to fancy gold and silver. Plus, we have special finishes like aluminum, metal, and wood grain. These pumps fit well with different bottle types, like plastic or glass, making them great for all dispensers.

We’re all about high-quality products at great prices, straight from our factory in China. This makes NABO Plastic an ideal choice for wholesale or bulk businesses.

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