Polypropylene: Durable Plastic for Daily Use

Polypropylene, often shortened to PP, is a reliable and durable plastic derived from propylene, a chemical from oil processing. It is tough against chemicals, heat, and fatigue, making it a top choice for creating packaging used every day and in industry. Why Polypropylene is Perfect for Making Trigger Sprayers, Lotion Pumps, Cosmetic Pumps, and Bottle Caps?

Various Cap Liners are Available

Cap liners are integral components in product packaging, ensuring many products’ safety, freshness, and integrity. From food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, these liners offer a tight seal, preventing potential leaks, contamination, and tampering. NABO Plastic provides a variety of cap liners for our plastic caps, including: 1. PE Foam Cap Liners Definition: PE foam cap liners, …

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