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Why Choose NABO Packaging


You will definitely get the best price because we are the original manufacturer. Moreover, in order to maximize reducing the product cost, we always make our molds as more cavities as we can.

Availability & Low MOQ

Currently we owns over 1000 varieties of products, we are keeping developing more, we believe there is always one option fit for you . More exciting, we provide low minimum order quantity.


We take quality control seriously, we know exactly how quality matters to grow a strong and successful business. We got all of our packaging products meet FDA & CE standard.

Fast Shipping

Products listed with “In Stock” can be fast delivered if without custom printing or specific color. We have stable and reliable cooperated shipping lines(air & sea) with economical cost, especially shipping to North America.

Powerful Customization

If you can not find the product on our site, or you want to make unique design for your packaging, we offer custom molding at very competitive price, molding cost even can be returned back to you if final order reaches certain quantity.

Full Time Service

Our team keeps 12 Hours x 7 Days service. All requests & questions will be responded within 24 hours. If you need some information in a hurry, please give us a call. We’ll do our best to get the perfect packaging solution for you.

Free Samples

Need a closer look for quality check?
Add your interested product to sample bag, and share the list with us. Free samples can be sent to you within 3 days via express.

Get Special Quote

Interested in large quantities buying?
Choose your needed product and add it to quote list with intended purchase quantity, we will send you a quick special quote.

Unique Design

Need a unique bottle or cap?
With our powerful molding service, we can create an original packaging that makes you stand out from the competition.