Modern Round Bottles

About Our Plastic Modern Round Bottles

NABO company provides a wide range of plastic modern round bottles in sizes as small as 50ml up to 500ml.

This type of bottle has a sloped shoulder, and a rounded bottom. The available bottle neck finish sizes include 20/410, 24/410 and 28/410.

What Industries To Use These Bottles?

These bottles are suitable and work well for many different industries, such as massage oils, hair oils, shampoo & conditioner, hand sanitizers, shower & body wash, gels, liquid soap as well as other cosmetics and personal care products.

Bottle Materials

The bottle can be made from PET and HDPE materials, the features of each material are as following,

  • PET material have high transparency. Bottles made of this material are durable, strong, but lightweight.
  • HDPE bottles can provide great features of strong, durable, chemical resistant and weather resistant.

Color Of Bottle

For bottles made of PET materials, our standard color is transparent. Regarding to HDPE bottles, the color we always kept in stock for this bottle is white or nature color.

What’s more, when you are need of bulk purchase, we are also very capable to custom the bottle color as per your request.

Bottle Printing Service

Our company provides customized printing service for these bottles, heat Transfer / Silk Screen, label stickers, and thermal shrinkage are all available.

Bottle Molding Service

If you can’t find the bottle you want, we can also do customized bottle design and make for you. The standard processing of new bottle project is as following,

Bottles With Caps

These bottles can be matched with a plenty of closures, such as trigger sprayers, lotion pumps, fine mist sprayers, disc top caps, flip top caps as well as screw caps and more.