White Treatment Pump, 24-410, Smooth, White, Clear Hood, 0.6ml Output

Item#: CP24A-2S

$0.12 (Factory Price Based on MOQ)

Overview of this white treatment pump:

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 10000 pieces.
  • Standard Colors: white.
  • Custom Color starts from 30000 pieces.
  • Smooth closure for a modern look.
  • 0.6ml liquid Output per full compression.
  • Clear PP hood for dust protection & safety use.
  • Dip tube length is customized to your bottle height.

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This white treatment pump, with its classic and versatile white color, is a perfect match for bottles with a 24-410 neck. The pump boasts a simple yet elegant smooth closure, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your product packaging. Featuring a clear PP hood, it effectively shields against dust, ensuring the contents remain uncontaminated and pure. This pump is ideal for a variety of applications, including skincare, beauty, and health products, offering precise, clean dispensing every time. Its minimalist design and efficient functionality make it a popular choice for brands looking to convey purity and simplicity, while also ensuring practicality and hygiene in their liquid product offerings.

Discover More Benefits of Choosing Our White Treatment Pump

  1. Safe Material: Made from BPA and lead-free polypropylene (PP) plastic, ensuring an eco-friendly choice.
  2. Pick Your Desired Color: We can match any Pantone color you need for bulk orders.
  3. Risk-Free Trial: We are happy to offer free samples to assess quality firsthand before you buy.
  4. Cost-Effective: Enjoy unbeatable pricing directly from our factory in China.
  5. Fast Shipping to Door: Benefit from our efficient production and quick sea or air delivery options.
  6. Hassle-Free Returns: Confident shopping with our straightforward return policy for any mismatch.
  7. Certified Assurance: Our dispensing pumps meet rigorous international standards (COA, MSDS, FDA, etc.).
  8. Expert Support: From inquiry to after-purchase, our professional team is here to assist every step of the way.

Technical Details

Articel Type:

Cosmetic Dispenser

Neck Size:




Metal Overshell:


Finish Closure:

Plastic Smooth

Closure Colors:






Finish Head:

Smooth White


PP Half Overcap

Pump Type:

Spring Inside

Tube Length:

As per bottle

Case Qty:




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