24-410 Trigger Sprayer, 24mm, All-Plastic, Spray/Stream, White, 0.9ml

Item#: FQ65QS01

$0.30 (Factory Price Based on MOQ)

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10000 pieces.
  • Regular Color: White.
  • Custom Color starts from 30000 pieces.
  • Custom Dip Tube Length for your bottle.
  • 0.9ml Liquid Output Per Stroke.
  • China Manufacturer Wholesale.
  • Free Samples for Testing & Inspection.

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This 24-410 trigger sprayer is versatile for household and industrial applications. It is designed to fit seamlessly with any standard 24-410 neck finish bottles. It offers a convenient solution for various liquid dispensing needs. This sprayer ensures a precise and consistent spray with each trigger pull, whether for cleaning solutions, gardening pesticides, or personal care products. Its durable construction guarantees long-term use, while the adjustable nozzle allows easy switching between a spray and a steady stream. Ideal for use in homes, gardens, salons, and more, the 24-410 trigger sprayer enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your liquid products.

Key Benefits:

  • Entirely made from plastic, full-plastic components. 100% Recyclable.
  • Ideal for liquids that may react with metal.
  • Fits bottles with a 24mm/410 thread neck finish.
  • An adjustable spray/stream nozzle dispenses liquids in a conical shape or linear droplets.
  • Compact cover, comfortable 2-finger trigger for easy use.
  • Save Big with factory direct sales.

Quality Assurance:

We will provide a full refund if the bulk order quality does not match the 24-410 trigger sprayer sample you approved.

Technical Details

Item No.:





24/410 Smooth






19.0 g

Tube Length:

as per bottle



Case Qty:


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