Preform Injection Mold

Preform Injection Mold is quite mature technology & product in our city(Taizhou City), every part & processing of Preform Mold have a dedicated shop/plant to do. NABO company provides Preform Design, Mold Design and Mold Manufacturing for our customer.

We Provide Two Types of Preform Mold

  • Type One: It is the first-class perform mold, due to it is adopted with valve gate, and shut-off independently for each cavity, the finished perform is without any tail at the bottom.
  • Type Two: It is without valve gate, but shut-off is still independently for each cavity, the finished perform is with some short tail at the bottom. The mold price is relatively cheaper.

Key Feature of NABO Preform Mold


  • Material: S136 with Vacuum Hardening
  • HRC: 50-52
  • High glossy polish surface finish


  • Material: S136 with vacuum hardening
  • HRC: 50 - 52
  • High glossy polish surface finish
  • Efficient cooling water way

Neck Screw

  • Material: S136 with vacuum hardening
  • HRC: 48-50
  • Good cooling channel in neck screws

Valve Pin

  • Material: SKD 61
  • HRC: 60-62

Heating Nozzle

  • Nozzle Material: Be-Cu
  • Nozzle house material: SKD61
  • HRC: 48 - 50

Heating Platen

  • China Brand
  • Stable heating

Heating Band

  • Stable heating
  • Easy for replacement

Temperature Controller

  • Standard is China Brand. Optional for YUDO.
  • Stable quality PID temperature control
  • Separate controller for each cavity

Independently Shut-Off

  • Independently shut-off for each cavity

After-Sales Service

Mold Life Guarantee

NABO company guarantees 1 million shots working life of our Preform Mold. If there is any non-human damages occurs during 1 million shots, we will provide free spare parts immediately.

Extra Spare Parts Available

If customer requires extra spare parts to extend mold working life, they are always available.

Door to Door Technician Support

If customer is new or not familiar with mold running. NABO company can dispatch technician to customer's factory for installation & guide & training.

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