28/410 Green Plastic Dual Shroud Trigger Sprayer, Spray-Stream Nozzle, 0.6ml Output

Item#: FQ05J19

$0.133 /Each (based on MOQ)

MOQ: 10000pcs

  • Stock color is White or Transparent.
  • Custom color starts from 30000pcs.
  • Dip tube length is customized as per your bottle.
  • Meets FDA & CE standards.

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Item No.:







Spray + Stream




21.7 g

Tube Length:

As per bottle



Case Qty:


Based on pump structure, trigger sprayers have 3 types:

  • Vertical Pump Type. This type is cheapest, we also call it “Economy Type”.
  • Horizontal Pump Type, in China we also call it “Real Gun”. This type is with middle price.
  • Oblique Pump Type. This type is most expensive in relatively speaking.

The price difference is due to the difference of injection molds and assembling process. Generally speaking, the more expensive, the more durable.

Based on nozzle type, for above 3 types of trigger sprayer, it usually has a 4 sided twist nozzle that offers one “stream” option, one “spray” option and two “off” options.

A fun fact which few people knows is that, all shells with different design can be exchanged to each other. In another word, once the pump type is fixed, the price is fixed, no matter what type of shell you choose.

Trigger sprayers are great for dispensing larger amounts of products such as air care, automotive, cleaning chemicals, personal care, fabric, insect control, hard surface cleaning, lawn and garden, and more.

For this vertical pump type trigger sprayer, the color we always kept in stock is white or transparent. Any custom color can be manufactured immediately if you’re in need of bulk purchase.

In addition, we provide custom dip tube length as per your request, and this is a very fast custom service. Welcome to consult!