Trigger Sprayers

Trigger sprayer wholesale by NABO Plastic combines exceptional quality with a wide range. Our expertise in plastic sprayers spans over a decade, catering to needs from cleaning to gardening. Known for top-quality products, we’re a prime choice for bulk buyers, offering competitive prices and customization. Trust NABO Plastic for trigger sprayers that boost efficiency and functionality.

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More Benefits of Choosing Our Wholesale Trigger Sprayers

Versatile Trigger Sprayers for Every Need

Our polypropylene (PP) plastic trigger sprayers are versatile and ideal for various uses, such as cleansing solutions, alcohol, car care products, barber supplies, gardening, and more. This versatility makes us your preferred partner for bulk-buying trigger spray pumps.

Explore Our Extensive Range of Bulk Trigger Sprayers

  1. General Purpose: A reliable standard choice for everyday needs.
  2. Foaming Spray Trigger: Creates a rich foam, ideal for cleansers and foaming products.
  3. Mini Trigger: Delivers a fine mist, great for delicate applications.
  4. Kao Style: This style offers unique functionality and design and produces a fine-mist spray pattern.
  5. All Plastic Trigger Spray Pump: Perfect for metal-sensitive products.
  6. Upside Down Use: Ensures consistent spray even when inverted.
  7. Heavy-Duty Use: Built for industrial use, resistant to chemicals, acids, and solvents.
  8. Remote Use: Provides extended reach and flexibility.

Competitive Pricing and Bulk Advantages

We offer significant price advantages and bulk purchase options as a factory direct sale. With a minimum order quantity of just 10,000 units, we cater to both large and small-scale needs, making us a prime trigger sprayer wholesale supplier.

Available Sizes for Every Bottle Type

NABO Plastic provides various sizes of our trigger sprayers to ensure compatibility and efficiency for multiple applications. Our size options include:

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

We offer color customization and adjustable dip tube lengths for any bulk order. Our quality assurance process, including thorough checks and testing, ensures that every trigger sprayer meets the highest standards.

  • Color Customization: Choose from a palette including standard colors like white, black, and transparent/clear, or go for custom options like red, blue, green, and more.
  • Custom Dip Tube Length: Tailored to your bottle requirements to minimize waste and ensure optimal product usage.

Trigger Spray Nozzle Styles for Every Scenario

Diverse Trigger Spray Pump Orientations for Enhanced Dispensing

  • Vertical Pump: Standard output with a simple, cost-effective design. Ideal for everyday use.
  • Horizontal Pump: Larger body for increased output, suited for extensive dispensing needs.
  • Oblique Pump: Available in various sizes for flexible dispensing options.

Our wholesale trigger sprayers are designed to suit various liquid product needs, from a low output of 0.25ml to a high-output of 3.5ml per stroke. Additionally, we provide pumps specifically for thick products, ensuring efficient dispensing regardless of the liquid's viscosity.

Uncompromised Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is unwavering, with rigorous checks encompassing appearance inspection, dimensional tolerance, and leak testing. Each trigger spray pump undergoes machine testing followed by regular daily sampling inspections.

Experience Our Quality: Request Free Samples

Before placing your bulk order, experience the quality of our wholesale trigger sprayers firsthand. We are happy to provide free samples, ensuring they meet your needs.

Complete Your Packaging with Our Compatible Plastic Bottles

In addition to trigger spray pumps, we also offer various plastic bottles, which are perfectly compatible with creating complete trigger spray bottle dispensers. This integration ensures seamless functionality and design coherence.

Pairing our trigger spray pump with your bottles adds an aesthetically pleasing element. It enhances dispensing functionality, seamlessly combining form and function for an improved user experience.

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