Vertical Pump Type

About Our Vertical Pump Type Trigger Sprayers

NABO company offers a wide range of Vertical Pump Type Trigger Sprayers, the neck finish includes 28/400, 28/410 and 28/415.

3 Different Pump Types of Trigger Sprayers

Based on pump structure, trigger sprayers have 3 types:

When you looking for trigger sprayers with low price, Vertical pump trigger sprayer is a great choice for you.

Some Applications for Trigger Sprayers

They are great for dispensing larger amounts of products such as air care, automotive, cleaning chemicals, personal care, fabric, insect control, hard surface cleaning, lawn and garden, and more.

What Color Do We Have?

Our standard color is white or transparent. But if your order quantity reaches to 30000 pcs each item, we also provide customized color service. They can be colored in an transparent color, opaque color or translucent color as per your requirements.

Custom Dip Tube Length Service

We can cut the dip tube length as per your request, and this is a very fast custom service. If you also buy the bottles from us, we will choose the suitable dip tube length for you.

Bottle Options

You can find bottles in different material, volume and shapes at NABO Company. The bottle and cap can be sold as set or separately, so that you can combine them as per your need.

What’s more, if you want to make your own bottle design, we can also provide customized bottle service.