Mini Type

About Our Mini Type Trigger Sprayers

NABO company manufactures and offers a wide range of Mini Type Trigger Sprayers. The standard neck finish includes 24/410 and 28/410.

What Is Mini Type Trigger Sprayer?

This type of trigger sprayer features a left-right lock, make it more safe to use. Moreover, when using these mini trigger sprayers, it takes less effort than a typical trigger sprayer.

Where To Use Our Trigger Sprayers

These type of trigger sprayers are great for dispensing larger amounts of products such as air care, automotive, cleaning chemicals, personal care, fabric, insect control, hard surface cleaning, lawn and garden, and more.

What Color Can We Provide?

The color we always kept in stock for this trigger sprayer is White or Transparent. But when you’re in need of bulk purchase, we can also provide customized color service. Usually, custom color starts from 30000 pieces.

Custom Dip Tube Length Service

Our company can cut the dip tube length as per your request, and this is a very fast custom service. If you also buy the bottles from us, we will choose the suitable dip tube length for you.

Available Bottle Options

We provide a number of plastic bottles selection for you, contains different bottle materials, volumes and shapes. Bottles and trigger sprayers are sold separately at NABO Company, so that you can combine the them as per your need. What’s more, we are also very capable to do customized bottle design,

welcome to contact with us to design your own unique bottles!