Plastic Sprayers

Versatile Plastic Sprayers from NABO – Enhancing Everyday Dispensing

At NABO Plastic, we proudly offer an extensive range of plastic sprayers. With both functionality and aesthetics designed in mind, our sprayers come in various styles and sizes to suit your diverse needs​​.

Discover the Diverse Range of Our Plastic Sprayers

Our sprayers collection is divided into two main types: Trigger and Finger Sprayers, each with unique functionality and applications.

Our sprayers offer flexibility and versatility with various nozzle styles like Spray – Stream, Spray Only, Foam Only, and Foam – Spray. Trigger Sprayers come in many styles, including General Purpose, Foam Nozzle, All Plastic, Mini Trigger, Kao Style, Upside-down, and Heavy Duty. They are available in a range of neck sizes from 24-410 to 28-415 and offer outputs from 0.25 ml to 3.5 ml​​.

Our finger sprayers are available in various neck sizes from 18-400 to 48mm and guarantee a quick and easy dispensing experience​. Finger Sprayers, on the other hand, provide a uniform spray per stroke. They include Pharma Nasal Adapter, Pharma Throat Adapter, Standard Mist Sprayer, Ultra Fine Mist Sprayer, Crimp Sprayer, and UPG Sprayer types.

Plastic Sprayers for a Multitude of Applications

For dispensing more significant amounts of product, our trigger sprayers are perfect for applications across multiple sectors. They are widely used in air care, automotive, cleaning chemicals, personal care, fabric care, insect control, hard surface cleaning, lawn and garden care, and more. Meanwhile, our finger sprayers are popular in health and beauty applications, delivering a fine mist with just a single fingertip​​.

Customization to Match Your Needs

We understand that your branding needs are unique, and we cater to them with our customization services. The popular color choices among our customers are transparent, white, gold, and black. Our sprayers can be colored transparent, opaque, or translucent. Moreover, as you requested, we provide fast customer service to cut the dip tube length​​.

Pairing Our Plastic Sprayers with the Right Bottles

Our sprayers can be used with plastic, metal, and glass bottles across various industries like cosmetics, beauty, perfume & fragrance, body & personal care, hair care, pharma & health care, garden care, professional cleaning, automotive products, and other daily chemicals. At NABO Plastic, we sell bottles and sprayers separately, allowing you to combine them as needed, ensuring the neck finish matches for a perfect fit​.

We invite you to explore our range of plastic sprayers to find the perfect fit for your dispensing needs. Experience the NABO Platic difference today!

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