Treatment Pumps

About Our Treatment Pumps

NABO company manufactures and offers a great selection of Treatment Pumps, includes ribbed collar and smooth collar.

What Neck Finish Do We Offer?

For this kind of pumps, we have neck finish in 18/410, 18/415, 20/410, 20/415 as well as 24/410 for your options.

Functions Of Our Treatment Pumps

This kind of pump has a similar look to finger fine mist sprayer, but it comes along with a protruding nozzle, which can dispense product in small, precise dosages. They are popular used in serums, eye cream, oils, hair products and more beauty care products.

Customized Color Service

Usually, the color we always kept in stock for pumps is white or transparent. But when you’re in need of bulk purchase, we also provide customized color service.

Tube Dip Length Customization

We can cut the dip tube length as per your request, and this is a very fast custom service. If you also buy the bottles from us, we will choose the suitable dip tube length according to the bottle sizes.

What Bottle Do We Provide?

Our company also has a number of plastic bottles on sale, containing various materials, volumes and shapes.

  • Raw material: include PET, HDPE, LDPE as well as PETG plastic.
  • Sizes range: our current bottle lines cover from 5ml up to 1100ml.
  • Shapes: we have various shapes in Round, Square, Cylinder, Oval and more.

The bottle and pump can be sold separately or as set at NABO Company, so that you can combine them as per your need.

What’s more, we are also very capable to do custom bottle design and make for customers.