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Plastic Bottles Blowing Molds, Plastic Caps Injection Molds and Preform Injection Molds are also core business of NABO company. In the past 10+ years, we manufactured hundreds of molds for different bottles, caps and PET preforms. And we are continuous to manufacture more.

We have a great team with years of experience in mould design and manufacturing. For almost all bottles and caps on our website, the molds are independently manufactured by ourselves.

Two Types of Bottles Blowing Mold

Based on different processing tech, there are two types of bottles blowing molds:

  • Stretch Blowing Mold. It is for PET bottles which works on Stretch Blow Molding Machines.
  • Extrusion Blowing Mold. It is for bottles which works on Extrusion Blow Molding Machines. The bottles raw material includes HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PETG, PVC, EVA, TPE and Nylon.

Variety of Caps Injection Mold

The plastic caps injection mold we are good at include flip top cap, shampoo flip cap, condiments cap, disc top cap, plain screw cap, jar lid, child-resistant cap, tamper proof cap, pull-push cap, theft-proofing cap, easy tear cap, 5 gallon barrel cap, laundry detergent cap, essential oil cap, cooking oil bottle cap and more.

Preform Mold

Preform Mold is made for producing PET bottles on a two-step Stretch Blow Molding Machine. This mold is quite mature technology & product in our city(Taizhou City), every part & processing of Preform Mold have a dedicated shop/plant to do. NABO company provides Preform Design, Mold Design and Mold Manufacturing for our customer.

The Key Factors of Good Quality Mold

NABO company focused on good quality mold manufacturing. The key factors of good quality mold is mold steel and mold structure. This is the truth from our years of experience of manufacturing & using molds.