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Lotion Pumps

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How is Lotion Pump Made? | Manufacturer | Supplier | Wholesale | China Factory | NABO Plastic

Wholesale Lotion Pumps from a Trusted Supplier

The Versatility and Benefits of Lotion Pumps

Lotion pumps have become an indispensable accessory in the dispensing of hand creams, body moisturizers, bath gels, and cosmetic products. The convenience they offer to massage lotions onto the skin is unparalleled. Not only do they allow for a mess-free experience, but they also ensure the right amount of product is used, reducing waste and enhancing the application process. Whether for a moisturizer or a luxurious face cream, a lotion pump can transform the user experience from satisfactory to exceptional.

NABO Plastic – Your Premier Lotion Pump Manufacturer

As a manufacturer with over a decade of expertise, NABO Plastic is a premier wholesale lotion pump supplier. Our factory, located in the heart of China, specializes in the production and sale of a diverse range of plastic dispensing pumps. Each lotion transfer pump is a marvel of engineering, consisting of 7 to 11 parts meticulously crafted through injection molding and assembly processes. We pride ourselves on using brand-new, food-grade materials that are not only reusable but also recyclable, ensuring that our pressing pump tops meet the highest standards of sustainability and quality.

Competitive Pricing and Minimum Order Quantity

As a direct manufacturer, NABO Plastic offers significant price advantages for our lotion pump bulk orders. We understand the market’s demand for quality and affordability, which is why our lotion pumps for sale come with competitive pricing. Our minimum order quantity starts at 10,000 units, allowing businesses to stock up and save.

A Variety of Sizes for Every Need

NABO Plastic’s inventory includes lotion pumps of all sizes, catering to various packaging needs. From the petite 18mm to the more substantial 38mm pumps, our selection consists of the famous 20 410, 24 410, and 28 410 lotion pump sizes, the 33 410 dispenser pump, and the 28mm standard size. Our range ensures that whether you need a large or small dispensing pump, we have the size to fit your specific requirements.

Custom Colors to Match Your Brand

Our standard lotion pump colors include classic white, sleek black, and crystal-clear options. However, we excel in customization. If you desire a pink hue or any other color to align with your brand’s aesthetic, we can tailor-make pumps to match. This flexibility allows our clients to maintain brand consistency and appeal to their target market with custom-colored dispensing pumps.

Closure Styles: From Classic to Luxurious

The closure style of a lotion pump can significantly influence the consumer’s perception of the product. At NABO Plastic, we offer the traditional ribbed and smooth styles, as well as the frosted look for a more subtle elegance. For those seeking a touch of luxury, we provide closures encased in an anodized aluminum shell, available in opulent gold and silver finishes, elevating the plastic pump into a piece of art.

Locking Mechanisms for Secure Transport

Our lotion pumps have various locking options to suit different preferences and uses. The left-right lock, lock-down (screw-down lock), and clip lock mechanisms are designed for ease of use and to prevent accidental dispensing during transport or storage.

Pump Spring Position for Product Compatibility

The placement of the spring in our lotion pumps is carefully considered to accommodate different product formulations. Pumps with external springs are ideal for products that may react with metal, ensuring product integrity and longevity.

Tailored Output for Various Viscosities

NABO Plastic’s lotion pumps are engineered to handle a range of viscosities. From thick lotions requiring high-output pumps to more fluid creams needing a gentler release, our pumps are designed to deliver the perfect amount every time.

Proper Dip Tube Length

We customize the dip tube length to match your bottles, ensuring minimal product waste and that your customers can use every last drop of your product.

Rigorous Quality Control Processes

Our quality control process is stringent, encompassing appearance checks, dimensional tolerance testing, and leak tests. All pumps undergo machine inspection with additional random manual checks four times daily to ensure the highest quality.

Free Samples for Your Assurance

We are happy to provide free samples for testing before you place your official order. We invite you to test our lotion pumps to meet your expectations and requirements.

Complete Hand Lotion Dispenser Solutions

To offer a comprehensive solution, we also provide a variety of plastic bottles that pair seamlessly with our pumps to create complete hand lotion dispenser sets. This ensures that our clients can source both components from a single, reliable supplier.

Your Premier Source for Replacement Lotion Pump Heads

When needing a replacement lotion pump head, look no further than NABO Plastic. Our commitment to quality, combined with our extensive range of products and customization options, makes us the ideal choice for your packaging needs.

Contact us today to request your free sample and take the first step towards a partnership that promises quality, customization, and care.