Dropper Bottles

About Our PETG Plastic Pipette Dropper Bottles

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NABO company has a wide selection of PETG Plastic Pipette Dropper Bottles from 30 ml to 50 ml. Bottle shapes include Round, Cylinder, Square, Triangle and Polygonal.

What Are PETG Bottles?

Polyethylene terephthalate glycol, or PETG, is a combination of PET and glycol. This addition makes bottles shatter-proof, able to handle heat well, and comfortable to grip and handle.

Why Use PETG Dropper Pipette Bottles?

These PETG plastic dropper bottles come in super thick wall and bottom, which makes it looks better than glass bottles. What’s more, they are also very durable, breakage-resistant but lightweight. These bottles come along with a dropper lid and are very suitable to used with product that requires a small & exact capacity, such as essential oil and massage oil.

Color Of Bottle

We provide customized color service for our bottles. These bottles can be customized in various colors, such as clear, translucent color and solid color.

Bottle Printing Service

Our company also do customized logo on the bottles, the logo printing method includes heat Transfer and Silk Screen printing. What’s more, label stickers and thermal shrinkage are also available.

Bottle Molding Service

If you can’t find the exact bottle you want, we are very capable to do custom design and make for you. We can start from the very beginning and provide one-stop solution. The standard processing of new bottle project is as following,

  • Bottle design
  • 3D sample confirmation
  • Design mold
  • Make new mold
  • Mold trial
  • Mass production