Nail Polish Remover Bottles

About Our PETG Nail Polish Remover Bottles

NABO company manufactures Nail Polish & Makeup Remover dispenser bottles in classic sizes of 100ml and 150ml. Our standard bottle shape is Cylinder.

Use Of Our Polish Remover Bottles

These bottles are especially good for acetone, it is great for nail polish remove or face makeup remove. And the bottle comes along with a classic press polish remover pump, so that the liquid output can be easily controlled, it’s easy to use.

Benefits Of PETG Bottles

Bottles made of PETG (polyethylene terephthalate copolyester, glycol modified) material are durable and break-resistant. They are less brittle, more pliable and far more sturdy than PET bottles. What’s more, these bottles have exceptional transparency, chemical resistant and good barrier properties.

How To Define A Perfect Quality PETG Bottle?

Generally, we can define the quality of PETG Bottles from below 3 key points.

  • The screw of bottle neck, have to be smooth.
  • Parting line of bottle, shall be flat.
  • Bottle wall thickness, must be uniform.

What’s more, free samples can be sent for your quality checking.

Color Of Bottle

The natural color of PETG bottles are transparent, but our company can provide customized color service when customers need the bottles in other color. Any color such as translucent and solid color all be available.

Bottle Printing Service

We provide excellent printing service includes heat-transfer printing, silk-screen printing, thermal shrinking as well as labeling.

Bottle Molding Service

Customization is also strength of NABO company. We can custom any bottle for you even it is only an idea. Welcome to contact with us to get your own unique bottle design!

The standard processing of new bottle project is as following,

  • Bottle design
  • 3D sample confirmation
  • Design mold
  • Make new mold
  • Mold trial
  • Mass production