Foam Pump Bottles

About Our Plastic Foam Pump Bottles

Our Foam Pump Bottles include PET, HDPE and PETG raw material, sizes range from 40ml to 550ml. Shapes come in Round, Square and Oval. They are popular used for liquid soaps.

Why Use Foam Pump Bottles?

Foam bottles are perfect for dispensing liquid soaps, cleansers and more gel liquids, works with various types of foam pumps, it allows for a precise mix of liquid and air which produces quality uniform foam with each stroke of the pump, which helps to reduce waste of liquids.

The Neck Finish of Our Foam Bottles

Neck finish of these bottles are in various sizes. The available neck size of small volumes bottles are 30/410 and 32/410. For the bottles in bigger capacity, we have neck finish in 40/410, 42/410, 43/400 and 43/410 for customers’ option.

What Sizes of Foam Bottles We Can Provide?

Our current foam dispenser bottles line-up covers from 40ml to 550ml. But if you can’t find the bottle volume you want on our website, welcome to contact with us to make your own unique bottle size and design.

Foam Pumps for Bottles

Nabo company offers a wide selection of foam pumps to match with our foam bottles, our foam pumps comes in various fancy designs, sizes and colors to meet all kinds of packing needs.

Color Of Bottle

For bottle made of PET material & PETG material, the standard color is transparent. Regarding to HDPE bottles, the color we always kept in stock is white or natural color.

But when you in need of bulk purchase, the bottle can be colored in any color as you want.

Bottle Printing Service

We provide customized printing service for our bottles, heat Transfer / Silk Screen, label stickers, and thermal shrinkage are all available.

Bottle Molding Service

If you can’t find the exact bottle you want, we are very capable to do custom design and make for you. We can start from the very beginning and provide one-stop solution. The standard processing of new bottle project is as following,