E Liquid Bottles


About Our E-Liquid Drop Bottles & Tubes

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NABO company manufactures and offers the E Liquid Bottles & Tubes, sizes range from mini volumes like 5ml up to bigger volumes like 120 ml. Bottle shape includes Cylinder and Boston Round. The available raw material is PET and LDPE plastic.
Features Of Our E Liquid Dropper Bottles

Food Grade Safe Material — we adopted both of PET and LDPE virgin materials for our bottles, make sure it is 100% safe for human use.

Easy to Squeeze — LDPE material is know as soft material, the bottles made of LDPE material are perfect for squeeze purpose. As to PET bottles, the squeeze difficulty depends on wall thickness, our PET e liquid bottles wall thickness is designed well for squeeze purpose.

Child Resistance — our medical use bottles come along with child resistant cap and tamper evident cap to avoid child open the bottles.

The Neck Finish of Our Bottles

For these bottles, we have neck finish in 13/415, 14/415 as well as 18/415 for customers’ option.

Color Of Bottle

For bottle made of PET material, the standard color is transparent. Regarding to LDPE bottles, the color we always kept in stock is white or natural color.

But when you in need of bulk purchase, the bottle can be colored in any color as you want.

Bottle Printing Service

We provide customized printing service for our bottles, heat Transfer / Silk Screen, label stickers, and thermal shrinkage are all available.

Bottle Molding Service

If you can’t find the exact bottle you want, we are very capable to do custom design and make for you. We can start from the very beginning and provide one-stop solution. The standard processing of new bottle project is as following,