About This Category

NABO company manufactures a wide range of PET bottles from 30ml to 1100ml. Bottle shapes include Boston round, Cosmo round, Modern round, Special round, Cylinder, Oval, Square and Polygonal.

Why Use PET Bottles?

PET(Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles have high transparency. They are durable, non-reactive, and breakage-resistant but lightweight. They provide a sound oil barrier which helps with chemicals attacking the plastic. And they can be highly customized with colors, such as Translucent color and solid color. These benefits make it an excellent alternative to glass bottles.

What Products Are Our PET Bottles Used for?

They are widely used for cosmetics, beauty, perfume & fragrance, body & personal care, hair care, pharma & health care, garden care, professional cleaning, automotive products, and other daily chemicals.

Highly Customized Service

We provide highly customized service for our bottles includes custom color, printing and mold. We have a professional team committed to helping our customer get the exact bottle they need.

Sprayers, Pumps, Caps & Closures for Bottles

NABO company also manufacture & offers a large selection of Trigger Sprayers, Finger Fine Mist Sprayers, Lotion Pumps, Treatment Pumps, Foam Pumps, Caps & Closures, to help our customer to get the overall packaging solution.