Twist Spout Caps

About Our Plastic Twist Spout Caps
NABO company manufactures & offers a wide range of plastic twist spout caps. The available cap collar is ribbed . 
What Neck Finish Do We Have?
We have the spout caps in different neck finish sizes, include 18/410, 20/410, 24/410, 28/410 as well as 38/400.
Where To Use Twist Spout Caps?
These caps are suitable and can be widely used in a lager variety of industries, such as shampoo, conditioner, and lotion as well as other beauty care and cosmetics products.

For low viscosity products like micellar water or alcohol, the opening is 1-3 mm, for high viscosity products like shampoo and body lotions the opening is 3-5 mm.

Moreover, our screw closures have different closing systems like plug seal, or crabs-claw.
Different Cap Color
The color we always kept in stock for this type of cap is white or transparent. But when you’re in need of bulk purchase, we can provide customized cap color service.
Custom Your Own Unique Cap
If you can’t find the exact cap you want, we are also very capable to do custom design and make for you. We can start from the very beginning and provide one-stop solution. The standard processing of new caps project is as following,

Cap design
3D sample confirmation
Design mold
Make new injection mold
Mold trial
Mass production

Bottle Caps Injection Mold Manufacturing is one of our company’s strength, our design and manufacture teams are with decades of experience, that makes us able to custom any kinds of plastic bottle caps for you.
Matched Bottle Options
These caps are created to be compatible with both our PET bottles and HDPE bottles, meaning it is easy to create a complete pack with various different bottles.

In addition, if you want to make your own unique bottle, we are also very capable to do customized bottle make. Welcome to contact with us to custom your own bottle design!