Lotion Pumps

Explore the uses, structure, and manufacturing of lotion pumps. Get expert tips on choosing the right one for your bottle.

various lotion pump bottles for different applications

Where Lotion Pumps are used.

NABO Plastic supplies lotion pumps in numerous styles, sizes, and colors. They provide convenience and efficiency and are widely used in various applications, including:

Skincare: Moisturizers, serums, sunscreens.

Health Care: Hand soaps and sanitizers.

Body Care: Massage oils.

Cosmetics: Foundations, liquid makeup.

Bathroom Products: Shampoos, conditioners, body washes.

Understanding the Structure of a Lotion Pump.

A lotion pump has over ten components that work together to transfer the lotion out of the bottle.

How it works

Press the Pump Head

Pressing the pump head forces the piston down, forming a vacuum that draws lotion into the chamber.

Release the Pump Head

When the pump head is released, the spring moves the piston back, pushing the lotion up through the nozzle.

Press Again

Pressing the pump head again repeats the process, pulling more lotion into the pump.

Cycle Repeat

Press and release the pump head repeatedly, and the liquid will be continuously dispensed from the nozzle.

the sectional view of a lotion pump to see each component

How are Lotion Pumps Made at NABO Plastic?

Explore the precise craftsmanship behind our high-quality lotion pumps.

How is Lotion Pump Made? | Manufacturer | Supplier | Wholesale | China Factory | NABO Plastic

Injection Molding

Creates components such as the actuator, connection cap, closure, piston, piston rod, piston seat, and pump body.

Preparing Non-Injection Molded Parts

Includes the gasket, stainless steel spring, glass ball, and dip tube.


Multiple machines are used to assemble all the above components.

Quality Inspection

Includes visual inspection, dimension measurement, torque testing, vacuum leak detection, and liquid output testing.

How do I find the right Lotion Pump for my bottle?

Consider several key factors when making your choice. See what we have and how they meet your needs.

Match the Neck Finish and Closure Style.

The neck finish is the diameter and thread style of a bottle opening. Match the lotion pump’s closure with your bottle’s neck finish to ensure a secure fit and prevent leaks. Always check size compatibility.

NABO Plastic offers the following lotion pump neck finishes:

20mm: 20/410

22mm: 22/410, 22/415

24mm: 24/400, 24/410, 24/415, 24/425

28mm: 28/400, 28/410, 28/415

32mm: 32/410

38mm: 38/400, 38/410, 38/415

five lotion pumps to display diffrent neck finishes

ribbed style of lotion pump closure


smooth style of lotion pump closure


Besides size, lotion pump closures come in smooth and ribbed styles. Smooth closures have a stylish look, while ribbed closures offer better grip, which is ideal for wet or soapy conditions. Select the style that suits your brand image and usage scenario.

Select a lotion pump Lock Style.

Lotion pumps come with different lock mechanisms to prevent accidental dispensing during transport or storage.

Lock Down: Also called a press-down twist lock, it locks with screw threads. Turn the actuator counterclockwise to unlock.

Lock Up: A left-right twist lock mechanism unlocks or locks the pump with a simple twist.

Clip-Lock: This style uses a small plastic clip fixed around the pump neck. Remove the clip before use.

Choose the lock style that best fits your product needs and is convenient for your customers.

Verify your product’s Metal Compatibility.

The stainless steel spring in a lotion pump can be located inside or outside the pump chamber. If your product contains ingredients that may react with metal, choose a pump with a spring outside the chamber. Acids or essential oils in some lotions and creams can corrode metal, impacting the pump’s function and product safety. Verify your formula’s metal compatibility to ensure longevity.

a lotion pump is dispensing lotions

Decide on the Dispensing Output.

The output of a lotion pump determines how much product is dispensed per full compression.

When choosing the pump output, consider the viscosity of your product and its intended use. For example, thicker lotions may need a higher output to dispense enough product, while lighter creams might need less for controlled application.

NABO Plastic provides lotion pumps with outputs ranging from 0.5ml to 30ml per stroke, covering small to high dispensing needs.

Choose a lotion pump Head Style.

The lotion pump head/actuator/nozzle style is often the first factor consumers consider. The right pump head style can significantly impact product visual appeal and shopping intention.

NABO Plastic carries a variety of pump head styles, including slim, oval, disc, short nozzle, and long arm. These ergonomic designs are elegant and comfortable, ideal for frequent use.

Choose a pump head style that complements your bottle design, aligns with your brand image, and enhances user experience.

a lotion pump head design
a regualar white color lotion pump

Regular Colors

a gold color lotion pump with UV plating

UV Plating

a gold color lotion pump with nested aluminum over the closure


a lotion pump with wood grain on the closure

Water Transfer

Pick your desired Color.

The color of your lotion pump can enhance your product packaging and boost brand recognition.

NABO Plastic offers a variety of pump colors, from classic black and white to custom shades, along with advanced surface treatments:

UV Plating: Use ultraviolet light to cure a coating onto the pump surface, resulting in a metallic look with a gold or silver color.

Nested Aluminum: Embeds a layer of aluminum over the pump closure for a luxurious, shiny gold or silver high-end look.

Water Transfer Printing: Use water as a medium to apply intricate patterns, like wood grain or stone textures, to the pump surface.

Consider how a pump color will look with your bottle and label design. The right color can make your product stand out on the shelf.

Specify the Dip Tube Length.

The correct length of your pump’s dip tube ensures no product is wasted in the bottle. If the dip tube is too long, it will bend overly. Too short, it won’t reach the product at the bottom.

There are typically two states for dip tube length for lotion pumps:

For taller bottles, the dip tube will bend inside the bottle. Ensure it naturally curves and touches the bottom edge.

For shorter bottles, the dip tube will be vertical. Ensure there is about a 2mm gap from the bottom.

NABO Plastic always custom-cuts our pump’s dip tube length to fit the height of your lotion bottle perfectly. The dip tube end is also cut into a V-shape to prevent clogging.

two higher lotion pump bottles with longer dip tube and two shorter lotion pump bottles with shorter dip tube
two express cartons for free samples sending

Try before your Bulk Order.

It is wise to try samples of the lotion pumps you’re considering. Testing with your product helps identify compatibility and user experience issues, allowing you to make adjustments before committing to a bulk purchase.

Get Free Samples from NABO Plastic

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