Polygonal Bottles

About Our Plastic Polygonal Bottles

NABO Company manufactures and offers a number of Plastic Polygonal Bottles.

These bottles are great for a large variety of industries, such as lotion, shampoo, conditioner, essential oil, shower gel as well as other personal care and cosmetics products.

Bottle Materials

The bottle can be made from PET and PETG materials, the features of each material are as following,

  • PET material have high transparency. Bottles made of this material are durable, strong, but lightweight.
  • PETG, is a combination of PET and glycol. This addition makes bottles shatter-proof, able to handle heat well, and comfortable to grip and handle.

Color Of Bottle

Our standard color for this type of bottle is transparent, but they are also available in a customized color as per customers’ need. The bottle can be colored in an opaque color or translucent color.

Bottle Printing Service

We provide customized printing service for our bottles, heat Transfer / Silk Screen, label stickers, and thermal shrinkage are all available.

Bottle Molding Service

If you can’t find the bottle you want, we are also very capable do customized bottle design and make for you. The standard processing of new bottle project is as following,

Bottles With Caps

Our company also has a variety of closures on sale, such as Clip lock pumps, switch lock pumps, droppers, flip top caps as well as disc top caps and other closures & caps. So that our customers can get the overall packaging solution easily at NABO Company.