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Our Operations

At Taizhou NABO Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd., we take pride in serving our customers with high quality products and excellent after-sales service. Our factory is located in Huangyan, Taizhou City, known as “Plastic Mold Capital of China”, enabling us to obtain adequate resources for product development.

We are professional manufacturer of Plastic Bottles, Caps, Sprayers, Pumps and Molds. Currently we owns over 1000 of products in our lineup, our production line covers PET Bottles, HDPE Bottles, PETG Bottles, Jars, Dispensing Caps, Trigger Sprayers, Finger Sprayers, Lotion Pumps and more.

With strong R&D capability, we can provide our customers highly customization to meet specific size, capacity, color and printing requirements. In the past five years, our products are widely used in cosmetics packaging, body care packaging, hair care packaging, liquid soap packaging, cleaning packaging, and household & daily chemical packaging etc.

Plastic Bottles Blowing Molds, Plastic Caps Injection Molds and Preform Injection Molds are also core business of NABO company. In the past 10+ years, we manufactured hundreds of molds for different bottles, caps and PET preforms. And we are continuous to manufacture more.

NABO company focused on good quality molds. The key factors of good quality mold is mold steel and mold structure. This is the truth from our years of experience of manufacturing & using molds.


Operating for over 10 years


Over 100 sets of processing machines


More than 1000 kinds of products

Our Quality Policy

At NABO Company, we take quality control seriously, we are committed to process excellence and delivering high-quality products. All of our products meet FDA standards, we are continuously improving our processing and service to ensure our customers worries-free about the future consequences.

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